2019 Book of the Year Shortlist. Part Four – Sea of Silver Light: Otherland Book 4

Book four in the shortlist is also book four in a series. This one gets some mixed reviews and while I read it a while ago and enjoyed it I came into it with some trepidation but I really enjoyed it. It is a worthy end to a really good series.

Sea of Silver Light: Otherland Book 4

Tad Williams

Sea of Silver Light: Otherland Book 4 is the finale of the Otherland series, and after 3352 pages the pressure must really have been on for Tad Williams to stick the landing. In my opinion, the author does just that. All the multitude of plot threads are wrapped up in a neat little bundle that leaves all the important questions answered but does leave some scope to return to the world in future.

I blasted through the last quarter of the book in a couple of days finding any excuse to read as the stakes rose and rose, I honestly couldn’t put it down. By this time, the characters were like old friends making their peril all the more pressing, and not a page went by when someone wasn’t in mortal danger.

Sea of Silver Light: Otherland Book 4 is a fantastic end to a brilliant series. Set in a world of endless possibilities populated with deep and interesting characters, including two of the best antagonists I’ve read in Johnny Dread and Félix Jongleur. If you have the stamina to read all 3000 odd pages, you’ll be rewarded with a real gift of a book.

Book of the Year 2019, Otherland, Sea of Silver Light, Tad Williams