Welcome to PictoPirate.com the home of the rambling thoughts of the infamous* writer, gamer and all round nice guy Picto. Now, any Questions before we begin?

What’s New Picto?

Well I'm glad you asked friend. Did you know that our first official book is out and you can buy it in real dead tree form on Amazon? Exciting news eh? It's also available carved from the ether as a string of zeroes and ones and made human readable by your Kindle device. So don't delay go and buy your own slice of Picto today, right here


What’s The Point In This Site Then?

PictoPirate.com is a place our eponymous leader to talk about videogames, let people read his stories and link to random nonsense that he thinks is fun. It’s ad free and always will be because ads are shit and Picto hates them all (except those funny Malibu ones, you know the ones… “Oh man! It’s total gridlock etc.”).


Who Is PictoPirate?

PictoPirate hails from the grim north and is only down south temporarily while he waits to win the lottery. He likes to play games and then write about them on his website and others if they will let him. Also he likes badgers, don't ask...

Picto writes about all the games he plays so expect a lot of RPGs, adventure games and the odd indie darling and not a lot of CoD. Also Picto buys all his games himself and doesn’t often aim to throw his money away so expect most games to get a decent review. I mean if it’s god-awful he will tell you but he likely won’t have bought it in the first place, just saying.


How Do I Contact This PictoPirate?

You can send email Picto an electronic mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Ignore the name he does actually check it…) Just remember he has a day job and get lots of emails, so don’t be offended if he doesn’t get back to you right away.

Alternatively, you can ping him on Twitter via @PictobackWriter.


*Picto may not actually be infamous.