The Pile of Shame Challenge

There are big changes happening in PictoPirate towers including moving of said tower to a new plush office about a mile away. This has been seen as a good opportunity by Mrs PictoPirate to encourage her husband to put away childish things and stop spending so much darn money on videogames he never plays. But I do play them he argued looking at his Steam account and the hundreds of games he’s never played. 

An artists impression of PictoPirate's pile of shame.


Anyway long story short Picto is taking on a challenge no other gamer in the world has faced and lived to tell the tale. He is taking on his pile of shame one game at a time and won’t be buying any new games until he’s completed the whole lot.

Here are the rules:

  • Picto has to complete all of his games on a specific medium before he can buy a new game (i.e. he can buy a new PS4 game when he finishes all his PS4 games but not a new PC game.
  • Games that never end like Football Manager don’t count but he does need to play them for a bit. At least long enough to confidently give them a PictoByte Review.
  • If Picto hates a game he can stop playing it but he has to give it the old college try first.

Will it be a case of better late than never or will it be WTF was he thinking? Which games will Picto wish had never been made? How will he rate the games bought five years ago, while under the influence of youth and possible beer? Stay tuned and find out.