2019 Book of the Year

Well, 2019 is finally over and boy, what a year it has been! It’s not been my favourite year for several reasons, but in one area at least it wasn’t a complete dumpster fire, books. This year I read 39 books, some amazing some, not so much but all of them worth a look (except The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights, that was one hell of a slog). Before we get on to the winner lets have a look at some stats:

So the winner and probably my new favourite Author goes to…

*Drum Roll*

The Mortal Tally by Sam Sykes

This one has it all. It has great characters, brilliant action scenes, comedy, tragedy and I honestly had no idea how it was going to end. Superb from start to finish it is a worthy winner.

The complete shortlist was:

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Book of the Year 2019