Got questions? Good because we’ve got answers and lots of them. Gaze at the beauty of this FAQ and tremble… Or you know, just read them if you’re interested.

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1 What's with the PictoPirate thing? What is a Picto? Are you actually a pirate?

Well that's three questions but OK here goes... A long, long time ago there was a thing called predictive text. This arcane and unknowable technology was the final arbiter of what words were real what was just you drunken fat fingering nonsense. According to the predictive text gods Shaun is not a real word and my parents should have called me Picto. All my chums at first accidentally and then deliberately transitioned from calling me Shaun to Picto after mobiles became ubiquitous. I was also one of the founding members of the UK Pirate Party so PictoPirate made sense as my nom de plume for the Internet age. And no I'm not actually a pirate... which is a shame.

2 What are you currently working on?

I'm focusing on my first thriller featuring a feisty female detective chasing down a killer and a gang of thugs who are draining children of their life force. As a change of pace I'm also writing a bunch of picture books because I have to read so damn many of them now I have two kids. Julia Donaldson is great but sometimes you get Gruffalo'd out.