Shaun hails from the grim north of England where meat pie for breakfast is, if not normal, not entirely a thing to be scared of and the gravy flows freely.

He has been writing for his own entertainment for as long as he can remember but only recently started to share his… gift is a strong word, umm… vaguely entertaining nonsense with a broader audience. A three time veteran of the 14/48 Leicester Theatre Festival Shaun has six plays, and countless short stories under his belt including several published via the Dagna Theatre backed Novel Dreamers. If that’s not enough, you can find various other bits and pieces right here at pictopirate.com or pick up his first collection of short stories Past Due: A Collection of Birthday Tales on Amazon.

While yet to win any awards or recognition Shaun thinks it can only be a matter of time, I mean they have Razzies for books right?