14/48: Leicester – Audition Piece

14/48 is the ultimate in speed theatre where 14 plays are written, directed, scored, designed and performed within a 48 hour period. When I asked about taking part for the first time I was asked to do an audition piece as I wasn’t quite the writing luminary I am today* and well, here it is in all it amateurish glory.

The theme for that particular festival was ‘I have a bad feeling about this’ so of course I wrote a murder mystery play featuring a plucky detective called O’Hare** and a cast of blue blooded suspects.

*I’m still not a luminary but some nice local arty folks know who I am and don’t think I’m terrible… or at least I don’t think they do… Oh man what if they only invite me along to laugh at how terrible I am…

**Yes he’s named after Captain Bucky O’Hare