Novel Dreamers – July 2017

Novel Dreamers is a monthly writing challenge created by Dagna Theatre. Each month several talented writers (and Shaun) are set a task to write about a specific idea with a 1500 word limit. At the end of the month there’s a poll and a winner (not Shaun) is chosen.

This month the theme was infinity, kind of. Basically we submitted an opening line and then via mystical arts known only to Mr Archer we were assigned an opening and a closing line. The stories were then pasted together so that my opening line was the last writers closing line and so on so that our stories made a never ending loop. Make sense? No? Well read it anyway…

FYI my opening line was “I’m gonna let you into a secret. I shouldn’t really be here.” and my closing line was “Connaught the Predator Home World was known throughout the galaxy as a perfect Utopia. Here the endless war between the Aliens with their duck comrades and the Predators with their pigeon brothers was a distant thing.” so I wrote about an intrepid writer for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy checking out the Predator home world.